Simple Moving Averages - Trading backtests

What moving average parameters are the best?

This site has an ocean of moving average backtests which I conducted for the DAX, SP500 and also USD/EU (Forex).

These tests were done using different signal strategies: simple/exponential and crossover variants and different indices for a time period of 1000 trading days.

In contrast to other websites, I tested all moving average day-window values from 1 - 1000 days, for the cross-over strategies also in combination!

This data is also unqiue as I tried to perform realistic tests, simulating the buy/sell spread and taxes for comparison with a reference (buy & hold) strategy.

A "fast reacting" window-value looks good in theory and with a simple test. But the spread, fees and taxes will destroy all performance in practical application. That is why these realistic tests are so valuable.

I hope this site can help you with your trades, enjoy it!